Virtual Self Hits Us With Surprise Music Video For "Key"

angelic substream – it is the arcanesystem. do you feel the air ?

Porter Robinson has been dropping bombs on electronic dance music with his new alias. The alias delivers a mesmerizing new sound which has rejuvanted an industry that has been dropping the same pop-droppy sounds for the past few years. Back in December the Virtual Self live show was debuted in Brooklyn and immediately people fell in love with brilliant new take on electronic music. Since then an EP, music video and an entire new world has been delivered to us, a world that Porter hopes helps to change the landscape the industry that he knows and loves (not to mention helped build). Many his devout fans and “Worlds” lovers have questioned the change pace, but, there is no doubting the masterful production this guy is bringing to us. Today, he took to Twitter for the first time in almost a month and I peed a little.

That is correct (fat guy from Bill Madison voice). A new music video was dropped by Virtual Self. The out this world sound “Key” f his EP VIRTUAL SELF brings much more what we have been exposed to by this Virtual being and we are all ecstatic to have more. Continuing the video game sounding trance, I’m not even sure the sky is a high enough limit for Porter’s career. It is tagged along with an incredible digital music video which we have seen from Virtual Self in the past. Listen/Watch here and good god, thank you.