VOLB3X Hits The Summer With New Track ‘Return of The Tres’

The new summer single from VOLB3X, ‘Return of The Tres’ is finally here from SSL Music. VOLB3X, known for his viral success across Asia and Eastern Europe, introduces ‘Return of The Tres.’ This track elegantly fuses easy-listening dance vibes with the iconic melodies of Mexicali Brass, setting the stage for his upcoming album GVNG II.

Previously achieving TOP 10 TikTok fame in 9 countries and amassing over 2 billion views on YouTube with his past tracks, VOLB3X continues his legacy. Accompanied by a music video, ‘Return of The Tres’ is going to have VOLB3X rising the charts once again. Slap house meets the beach in this easy-to-dance track.

The record aims to connect with both long-time fans and new listeners, featuring a musical arrangement that stands out for its creativity and accessibility. The accompanying music video further explores the theme and mood of the song, enhancing the listening experience.

Make sure to check it out below!