Watch Breathtaking Video Of A Choir Of 1000 Singers Performing 'Wake Me Up' To Honor Avicii

Only a few days have passed since the news Avicii’s passing was made public. For myself, each new day brings more memories how Tim’s music touched my life. At moments these memories can bring a deep sadness or an overwhelming happiness. So is the nature grief though, it rarely makes sense and it is near impossible to plan around. While we continue to heal as a community from Avicii’s unexpected passing beautiful tributes have been taking place all over the world.

While we have reported on several from a church ringing its bells in tune to Avicii’s songs to artists rinsing his tracks at Coachella, the one I am featuring in this article stood out to me as especially amazing. Below you can find a choir led by Gabriel Forss over 1000 singers. The group covers Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’ and it is awe-inspiring.

Moments like the one below help us all come together as a community to heal, and make the loss such a visionary just a little bit easier. Check it out below.