Watch Chester Watson premiere two new singles on COLORS

Chester Watson. Photo via publicist


Following the release of his latest record, fish don’t climb trees, on POW Recordings, St.Louis rapper Chester Watson has shared new music in his debut COLORS performance. He debuted two new singles on the show: “chasing clouds” and “summer blues.”

Watson takes the stage solemnly and effortlessly flows through the fresh tracks. Over his distinctive trippy beats, both produced by Japan’s ill-SUGI, he raps about his journey as a rapper and boasts his determined work ethic. In a post on Instagram, he calls playing on COLORS “surreal” and “a dream come true.”

“‘chasing clouds’ [is] just being honest with myself about a lot of the ups and down I’ve been through,” Watson tells The FADER. “[It’s] a more heavy and critical analysis of my life and my uprising towards being more renowned. I feel like I’ve been outcasted in a way from this “scene”, or whatever you want to call it. once that feeling felt more constant, I just started focusing on the love that was actually being shot my way. and just focusing on my growth as an artist. No matter who I was compared to or how I was being compared.”

On “summer blues,” he adds: “[The song] is the more inspirational part of the medley. Just a naturally melancholy person, this song is like what it feels like to smile—introspective and another analysis of my life, but more light-hearted and [shows] the light at the end of the tunnel, as opposed to the tunnel itself.”

Watch the performance in full below.