Watch Kraftwerk jam out with real live dancing astronaut broadcasting from space

This weekend at the Jazz Open Festival in Stuttgart, Germany, legendary techno pioneers Kraftwerk welcomed an extremely special guest from far, far away: outer space. Teaming up with German astronaut Alexander Gerst, who is one of six astronauts at the International Space Station, Kraftwerk welcomed the spaceman to help them close out their set. Yes — Kraftwerk got a real live Dancing Astronaut.

Gerst, set up with a virtual synthesizer program on a tablet, was video-conferenced in to help perform the band’s iconic 1978 track, “Spaceman.” The unexpected yet fitting collaboration resulted in a jam that lasted nearly eight minutes, with Kraftwerk and Gerst working together to carefully calibrate their collaborative virtual performance from hundreds of miles apart. Gerst also treated the crowd to a bit of zero gravity stunt work, doing somersaults and standing upside-down in the station. Met with heartwarming applause, this special performance stands as a feat of modern technology and a reminder that music can connect even the most distant of people.