Watch RL Grime Drop His Latest Single With Live Vocals To Close Out Ultra 20

RL Grime dropped ‘I Wanna Know’ before Ultra Music Festival and fans immediately fell in love with the more low key cut featuring Daya. The song was astoundingly infectious and while it didn’t go nearly as hard as the other singles f NOVA, it showcased a side RL which is not seen ten enough.

RL Grime arguably had the most ridiculous set slot all time at Ultra Music Festival. He had to go up against 2 secret guests. One which was Above & Beyond at the Megastructure, and course the other was the freaking reunion Swedish House Mafia on the main stage. I don’t want to hear anyone ever complain about their set times ever again. Despite the competition being stiff RL packed the Worldwide stage and for their dedication, fans got a once in a lifetime

RL Grime brought out Daya for a beautiful rendition ‘I Wanna Know’ and rained confetti and streamers down on the crowd and he ended Ultra 20 (ficially he did as both A&B and SHM were over at this point). Check out the video below.