What We Learned From Alison Wonderland's Reddit AMA

Alison Wonderland is one the most exciting producers in the game right now. The singles from her new album have beautifully demonstrated her range as a producer. The Aussie is capable taking on several different styles and creating some the most captivating and refreshing tunes we have heard in quite some time. Today she embarked on a AMA today and we learned just about more about Alison than we could have ever imagined.

Turns out Alison has a lot plans moving forward into 2018 even after the drop her album, ‘Awake’, this Friday, April 6. This doesn’t come as a surprise but Alison hates pants (who doesn’t) and probably could never decide between dogs or music to live with for the rest her life. Again can’t blame her there as a world without either would not be worth living in. Anyway check out the highlights from her AMA below!

Alison Wonderland AMA Highlights

Will She Start Mixing Live On Twitch?

Would She Pick Dogs Or Music If She Had To Choose?

Do You Need Formal Training To Produce? How To Handle Anxiety?

Is Weed A Production Enhancing Tool?

Her Dogs Name Is Molly…

If She Wasn’t A DJ What Would She Be Doing?