Whipped Cream Releases Powerful "Change The World" Remix

Whipped Cream is changing the world, one release at a time.

Today the producer is at it again with perhaps her most emotional, heart tugging release to date — this “Change The World” remix. As Whipped Cream puts her touch on Jetta‘s “I’d Love To Change the World,” you can feel the intent. She truly does want to change the world through her music. And she will.

The original recording has the dark, eerie nature — a common denominator in much Whipped Cream’s work and a perfect base for her own remix. Somewhere in the shadows her distinct sound thrives and with this track, WC finds a fitting rhythm that plays out beautifully.

“Honestly, this song has always meant so much to me,” Whipped Cream shares. “The words are so powerful I wanted to just put my own spin on it and release it to the world.”

Through a deliberate, pounding beat, intense strings, and powerful lyrics, Whipped Cream makes a heavy statement with this one. Get touched by her “Change The World” remix below.

I’d love to change the world
But I don’t know what to do
So I’ll leave it up to you

Whipped Cream – Change The World (Remix)

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