Witness The Debut of Kygo's Stunning New Stage Design [VIDEO]

For his 2018 Kids In Love Arena tour, Kygo has commissioned a new stage to take on the road! Finally retiring the concentric diamond design that has been a staple his set for years, Kygo now literally puts himself atop a large pedestal in the center the stage, in front a large LED wall, below another X-shaped LED fixture suspended from the ceiling.

The stage was designed by Comix, who worked with Kygo from the ground up to not only create the stage, but also the visuals and story that would be told along with the performance.

“Through the use live-action and CGI we helped tell the love story between the two star characters which evolves throughout the show: Kygo & The Muse,” they said.

While large LED fixtures aren’t exactly groundbreaking designs anymore, the execution Kygo’s vision looks stunning and immersive. Check out the stage’s debut at the O2 London Arena below, and find more details on Kygo’s tour .