Woman Attending Ultra Alleges That A Miami Officer Broke Her Arm

Despite Ultra 2018 having the safest year ever, one Ultra attendee is suffering from injuries she never would have asked for. A woman who attended Ultra Music Festival said she will seek legal action against the Miami Police Department. Alessandra Hernani, 23, is alleging a Miami police ficer broke her arm through excessive use force.

The attendee said that the incident happened on Sunday when she was waiting in line for her boyfriend. This is when Hernani said that people attempted to illegally enter the music festival.

“People were, like, hopping over the rails. Doing, like, acrobatic things, to be honest,” Hernani said. “Everybody was scattering and at this point, the cops were just looking for somebody to grab.”

One ficer grabbed Hernani and “kept twisting her arm more out place until it broke,” she said. While she tried to communicate several times that she had an ID and a ticket present, the police wouldn’t listen.

The Miami police has launched an internal affairs investigation into the incident.

Woman Suffers Broken Arm

Photo Joseph D’Oria / EDM Sauce