Wook Accidentally Wreaks Havoc On Stage Of Music Festival, Flips Entire DJ Booth

At Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival, Louie Cut was throwing down a tasty little set to a crowd revelers. Then things started to get weird. A young wook hops up on stage, a bit inexplicably, to give Louie a handshake. Then as he is jumping back down, tragedy strikes. He grabs onto the table which was holding the CDJ’s and mixer and it was not bolted down to the stage.

The table starts to flip and then all shit hits the fan. The wook goes down hard, the table flips entirely f the stage and drills the ground in the stage front pit, barely missing the young wook. The look total confusion on Louie’s face is truly amazing. Luckily nobody was hurt, and things got fixed up pretty easily andd the music continued to flow. Still the multiple angles view on this video really makes for a dramatic little cut. Check it out below.

Wook Flips DJ Booth