WTF… Adult Swim Hasn't Signed Rick & Morty for A New Season

Wow, this is news to us. Apparently Rick and Morty has not been signed on for another season, despite its overwhelming popularity with its loyal and vast fan base.

Dan Harmon, the show’s bread and butter, is one the co-creators and also a voice actor, writer, producer, and executive producer for Rick and Morty. Needless to say, he’s an absolutely vital factor and the show wouldn’t be what it is without him.

So, it’s come as quite a shock that he hasn’t wrapped up the writing for another season Rick and Morty — but even more surprising that the network hasn’t even called for it. Recently, Adult Swim announced its own , featuring the adventurous pair in its featuring headliners Run The Jewels.

This tweet from a fan soon followed…

And Dan Harmon made it very clear why the next season Rick and Morty isn’t locked in…

Oh, jeez, Rick. Er, Dan. We gotta figure this out.