Xan Griffin Adds Aries To The Zodiac Series

Xan Griffin has dropped Aries, the latest in the Zodiac Series, on Seeking Blue Records. I was lucky enough to catch Xan’s 2017 EDC set as well as a more intimate set at the Roxy in Hollywood and I have to say, this young man is ready to take over the scene. At first, I wanted to attribute Xan’s wave energy to his youth but after talking to him I quickly learned that this guy is just simply on another level creatively. Be it a camera, DJ decks, or a piano, Xan is going to produce something beautiful.

I will admit as an Aries I may be biased in my opinion this song when I say it may be Xan’s best work yet. That being said, I stand by that statement. Aries starts f with a Citar synth that creates an atmosphere you might find in a café anywhere from Morocco to Iran. Darker synths take hold the song preparing you for something wicked. At the drop, synths cut through the song like a Mesopotamian warrior sharpening a sickle sword. The break returns to the Middle Eastern plucks, as well as dropping a random vocal “Trap Hoot” that just fits so perfectly. Aries closes out as an expansive track with grand size and depth that once again proves that Xan Griffin is only getting started. Listen to this monster track below and be sure to grab the free download HERE.

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