Your EDM Premiere: VIRTU – It Takes Time

It’s getting late in the day, but we’ve got another premiere for y’all! VIRTU reminds us that “It Takes Time” in his new midtempo, electro-influenced single.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the songwriting and arrangement. VIRTU seamlessly weaves through genres and tempos while keeping a consistent tone throughout the track, and still putting forth a song with an incredible meaning behind it.

The first drop is somewhat reminiscent Rezz’s brand dark midtempo madness, slowly and deliberately pounding with the rhythm. As the lyrics repeat in the bridge, the song takes a shift and becomes incredibly uplifting, shining brightly and transitioning into some type future bass/dubstep chimera.

“‘It Takes Time’ describes an experience that I went through writing this EP. I was struggling a lot with where I wanted to go musically and I tried so many different things before I came up with this. The antagonist in this song (and others on the EP) is self-doubt and insecurity. The only way to truly achieve your goals is to be patient and confront your fears and that’s what I set out to do in the process constructing this project.”

“It Takes Time” is out now, stream it below. And grab that free download if you dig it.


I’m so tired and uninspired
Fighting fires with machines and wires

It takes time (x2)

I’m so far beyond the shadows
I’m locked up inside your castle

It takes time (x2)

I’ve found peace
I’m not afraid anymore
I’m still here
You can’t control me anymore

I’m not afraid.