ZAXX Releases Unbelievable Remix For Cash Cash's – 'Jewel'

ZAXX has quickly become one our favorite producers at the moment. We had the privilege premiering is brilliant new single ‘Altered’ a few weeks back, and now are once again stunned by his innate production ability with his remix for Cash Cash. Cash Cash found moderate success with their single alongside vocalist Nikki Vianna and now ZAXX has elevated the track far beyond our expectations.

At it’s core ZAXX’s remix ‘Jewel’ is an update, future bass, big room show stopper. He upped the euphoria factor past what we thought was possible and includes a major chord progression that will melt even the most stoic faces into a smile. The filtering and sampling the original’s vocals ontop the hard trap kick brings in the perfect level intensity to juxtapose the airy nature the track. ZAXX knows exactly what he is doing, and we cannot wait to hear more. Check out the ficial remix below that was released on a remix package by Cash Cash for the original.