Zedd Announces Title and Release Date for 3rd Studio Album

Hard to believe that Anton Zaslavski/Zedd has been working on music since 2002 and only has put out two albums. The longtime producer has been working with some of the biggest names in the electronic and pop genres as well as performing since his second one in 2015.

After confirming back in March that he was working on his next album, we finally have more information regarding that because during his performance at EDC Las Vegas this last weekend, the drones in the sky helped with the announcement. Take a look at the video below:

In a spectacular fashion, the extremely special EDC Las Vegas sky drones arranged to form “Z3 8/30” in the sky while “Clarity” was playing on the speakers. Later on, Zedd tweeted out that the next album will be titled Telos and highlighted his updated website where you can stay up to date with info and pre-save.