Zedd Gives A Personal Tour Of His $16 Million Los Angeles Mansion [VIDEO]

Grammy-winning music producer, songwriter, and DJ Anton Zaslavski, aka Zedd, gives us a sneak peak behind his massive 9,400-square-foot home, priced at about $16 million.

When Zedd purchased his Los Angeles mansion in February, Zedd knew he wanted everything from a full-size Skittles machine, a swimming pool permanently set to 97 degrees, as well as his own Costco room so he never has to leave his house.

“This is one my favorite rooms in the house,” Zedd said. “I call it the Costco room, and the goal for me was to stack everything up with anything I could ever use so I eventually don’t have to leave house.”

Check out Zedd’s incredible home below:

Zedd’s $16 Million Mansion Tour