Zedd Made The Soundtrack To A New Nature Series On NatGeo And It's Perfection

Zedd is one the busiest artists in the music industry right now. He just achieved a #1 spot in radio play for his single, ‘The Middle’, and continues to play shows all over the globe. Somehow though he found time to sit down with astronaut, Leland Melvin to chat about his upcoming score for NatGeo’s new documentary series, “One Strange Rock”.

The series will be similar to that Discovery’s Planet Earth series but instead a broad overview the planet, the series will highlight the oddities the world we inhabit. This is one the first times Zedd will be scoring a series. The hype behind ‘One Strange Rock’ is starting to boil over, as the preview cinematography is truly breathing taking. Mix in a bit Zedd and the series should be a tremendous success. Check out the full clip Zedd’s sit down with Leland, and stay tuned as episode 2 premieres this evening only NatGeo.

Zedd Teams With NatGeo