A Dreamlike Soundscape: Karen Salicath Jamali’s “Angel Zadkiel” (The Angel of Surrender)

Karen Salicath Jamali angel zadkiel

Karen Salicath Jamali isn’t your typical musician. This Danish-born, NYC/Florida-based artist seamlessly blends music and visual arts, creating a unique soundscape that transcends boundaries. Her latest offering, “Angel Zadkiel (The Angel of Surrender),” is a testament to this remarkable fusion.

Imagine a song born from a dream. “Angel Zadkiel” isn’t meticulously crafted; it’s a channeled melody, a message received during sleep and then translated onto the piano. This unique creative process, sparked by a near-death experience and subsequent head injury, sets Karen‘s work apart. It’s raw, unfiltered music that flows directly from the wellspring of her subconscious.

“Angel Zadkiel” is a solo piano piece, an introspective exploration guided by the quiet contemplation of the Angel of Surrender. The traditional portrayal of angels with trumpets and fanfare is replaced here with delicate melodies and evocative chord progressions, creating a sense of serenity and acceptance.

This serenity is no accident. Karen Salicath Jamali‘s background in the visual arts, particularly her sculptures focused on peace and balance, spills over into her music. The sculptures become sonic landscapes, each note a brushstroke, building a world of tranquility. Angels, a recurring theme in her art, find their voice in “Angel Zadkiel,” their presence calming energy that transcends the physical.

“Angel Zadkiel” serves as a gateway to Karen’s latest album, Angel Pollination. It’s the first brushstroke on a canvas of divine, innocent, and spiritual explorations. The song awakens the listener, inviting them on a journey inward, a chance to connect with the quiet whispers of their own hearts.

Karen’s artistic journey is a tapestry woven from music and the visual arts. While music currently occupies the foreground, her sculptures and paintings remain a grounding force, a source of balance in this endlessly creative life. Performing solo at Carnegie Hall has further fueled her passion, solidifying her belief in the universality of her music.

Looking ahead, Karen envisions “Angel Zadkiel” as a potential springboard for collaboration. The song’s serenity might be a prelude to a richer soundscape, incorporating choirs and additional instruments. This openness to evolution reflects the very essence of Karen’s artistry—a constant dialogue between dreams, music, and the divine.

“Angel Zadkiel” beckons the listener to quiet the mind, embrace vulnerability, and embark on a personal exploration guided by the music’s gentle hand. Karen Salicath Jamali is a true artist, a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious, and “Angel Zadkiel” is a powerful testament to the magic that unfolds at this intersection.

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