Ableton Announces Live 11 with MPE Support

Ableton has announced the next evolution of its software: the Ableton Live 11. There is no specific release date yet, but it is expected to arrive in early 2021 with a ton of improvements.

The updates include comping, MPE support, emphasis on randomization, and more new tools. This new version comes almost as a surprise, considering the short time gap between Ableton 10 and this one. Another addition is the new sound library that includes samples from industry-leader Spitfire Audio.

New effects, like the hybrid reverb and a suite of spectral processors, are also part of the update. The company made it in collaboration with Dillon Bastan and comprises a series of services that use the forces of gravity and magnetism to obtain incredible musical results.

The top update is without a doubt the samples that enable in MPE, which will bring a real-life breezy feel to sound creations. There are also MPE-ready instruments, and for those with a Push 2, it’s actually supported for MPE.

Another major addition to Live is comping, which groups multiple passes of audio or MIDI into individuals takes. This feature allows you to put together only the best parts of the creation. You could do this before, but now this will be much easier.

Overmore, there’s a new Hybrid Reverb that combines Ableton’s physical modeling convolution engine with its algorithmic one. In Summary, Ableton 11 is more or less what people were waiting for. The new shortcuts will allow you to focus even more on the creative process.

While we wait for this new version, Ableton 10 will have a 20% discount until the Live 11 launch date, which many producers are sure to like.