Adam Sellouk Drops Highly Anticipated ‘The Antidote’ EP On Afterlife

Adam Sellouk returns to Afterlife with a powerful solo EP that solidifies his presence in the Electronic music scene. Known for his collaborations and remixes with industry heavyweights like Anyma, Sellouk now steps into the spotlight with his own release, The Antidote EP. This collection is a testament to his unique sound design and emotive musicality.

‘Chronic’: A Collaboration with KAS:ST

The EP kicks off with a collaboration with KAS:ST, blending tough layers with a deeper layer of emotion. The track is a masterclass in balancing melodic elements with crisp sound design, creating an atmosphere that is both powerful and introspective. This opener sets the tone for the EP, inviting listeners to delve into a sonic journey that promises depth and intensity.

‘Confusion’ with Glowal: A Robotic and Emotive Fusion

Next up is ‘Confusion‘, a track that sees Adam teaming up with Glowal. This piece is an intriguing fusion of a robotic vocal clip with a highly emotive melody. The contrast between the mechanical and the emotional creates a melodrama that is both captivating and thought-provoking. It’s a track that showcases Sellouk’s ability to splice together disparate elements to create something truly unique and compelling.

The Closing Track: ‘Poison’ – A Solo Statement

The EP closes with ‘Poison‘, a solo cut that features heartfelt vocals, melancholy, and potent stabs. This track is a perfect conclusion to the EP, wrapping up the journey with a blend of vulnerability and strength. The melancholy tone, combined with the powerful stabs, leaves a lasting impression on the listener. One that makes it a memorable end to a remarkable EP.


The Antidote EP by Adam Sellouk is a compelling showcase of his talent and artistry. From the emotive collaboration with KAS:ST to the robotic and melodic fusion in ‘Confusion’ with Glowal, and the heartfelt solo statement in ‘Poison’, this EP is a must-listen for fans of Melodic Techno. Adam Sellouk’s return to Afterlife with this powerful release is sure to cement his place in the realm of melodic techno. Adam Sellouk’s ‘Antidote EP’ is out now on Afterlife, and can be streamed below, enjoy!