Agents of Time & Ash Nova Create A Melodic Dream In ‘Need You’

Announcing the latest release on Time Machine, Agents of Time and Ash Nova present their newest collaboration. The song titled ‘Need You‘, is the fourth release on their own label. Joining forces with New York‘s very own Ash Nova, the track delivers an immersive musical journey.

‘Need You’

‘Need You’ seamlessly intertwines Ash Nova’s vocals with atmospheric melodies, soothing pads and driving drums. In effect, crafting an indescribable sonic experience. This track is a true masterpiece, emanating positivity and promise. It invites listeners on an engaging journey that unfolds over extended periods of time.

Agents of Time

Agents Of Time is the project of Andrea Di Ceglie and Luigi Tutolo. A revered two ­man live act, DJs, masters of their sound in the studio. Since starting their journey together as Agents Of Time, the two Italians have combined their talents and shared influences to become a globally in-­demand dance act, releasing on a number of leading labels along the way. A much­ loved debut 12” on Correspondent in 2014, ‘Polina’, marked them out as an exciting new name in the realm of emotional, melodic techno and kickstarted their touring career.

They have collaborated with Mathew Jonson and released music on various labels throughout their career. Their debut “Polina” was on Correspondent. They have also released on Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio, their own label Obscura, and Curle Recordings. Now signed with Tale Of Us and appeared at Afterlife events, releasing ‘Dream Vision‘ and ‘Paradigm‘ on the Realm Of Consciousness compilation. (source)

Ash Nova

Grammy-nominated producer MING, and chart-topping vocalist-producer SGAR, have joined forces to form ‘Ash Nova.’ Their work and collaborations in House & Alternative Dance/Electronica have created a buzz that’s working its way from Europe to South America.

MING & SGAR were virtually introduced in the heat of the COVID pandemic of 2021. They collaborated to provide uplifting toplines for the Brazilian House market. Riding off the success of their early collaborations (Santti, Reezer, D-Groov, Antdot, Andy Bianchini), MING & SGAR formed the live electronic duo, Ash Nova. Since then, Ash Nova has been collaborating with notable artists like Notaker, Attom, Le Youth, Morgin Madison, Khaen, Kindrid, LODATO, Julian Gray, and Millbrook.

SGAR’s ‘Far From Home’ with Morgin Madison was the number 1 song in North America for three weeks on SiriusXM BPM in September 2021. ‘Far From Home’ was the Number 9 for BPM’s Top 51 Tracks of 2021.

With their eye-opening live show being road-tested and ready to go, Ash Nova is ahead of the curve. (source)

This combination of incredible production and heavenly vocals will blow you away. You will need it on every dancefloor you touch in the near future. Here is ‘Need You’