Alden Song – Behind The Decks – Interview

Today we have the pleasure of catching up with Alden Song, a rising star in the Electronic music scene. With a decade of experience behind the decks, Alden’s journey into music began at a young age, deeply rooted in the vibrant culture of the NYC House music scene.

Drawing inspiration from his upbringing immersed in Dance music and the mentorship of his DJ father, Alden has crafted a dynamic style that seamlessly blends genres and captivates audiences; in this interview, Alden shares insights into his musical inspirations, his meticulous approach to crafting DJ sets, and the technical aspects of his craft. From memorable moments behind the decks to overcoming challenges and evolving his sound, Alden offers valuable advice for aspiring DJs and gives us a glimpse into his exciting upcoming projects and performances. So, let’s dive into the world of Alden Song and discover the passion and creativity driving his DJ career. 


Hi, Alden! How’s it going?

Hi guys, thanks for having me! Happy to be here.


Alden, could you share who or what first inspired you to pursue DJing, and how do those inspirations reflect in your DJ sets?

My whole life, my parents and their friends were always in the NYC House music scene, so when I was young, I was always around DJs, record executives, nightclub promoters, managers, and people who loved the music. I grew up with Dance music, hearing all the stories, and was able to watch people DJ and have access to the culture. I’m very fortunate to have learned a lot of the history of Dance music and nightclubs, who the artists were, and how it connects to today’s music. Now, I can draw upon different styles and genres of music when I DJ. My dad is a DJ and inspired me to DJ myself. My biggest inspiration when I was younger was Martin Garrix, and I had modeled my career similarly to his. 


When you’re putting together a new DJ mix, what’s your process like? How do you decide which tracks make the cut and in what order they should be played?

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I’m always searching for new music, and when I download a bunch of stuff, I like to sort everything into different folders for ease of access. I usually rate each song with Rekordbox’s Starring system, 1 star being okay and 5 stars being amazing. From there, I usually have a folder of music I really want to play and a folder of music that I want to try and experiment with. I have a DJ booth in my house as well as huge speakers, and I play all the time. It’s important to listen to music and spend time mixing and experimenting. I record these sets and listen back when I’m at the gym or in the car.


Can you talk us through some of the technical aspects of your DJing? For example, what equipment do you prefer to use, and why?

When I started, I learned the basics on turntables. Beat matching with your hands and ears is such a useful skill. Later, I was using Traktor with a Pioneer mixer and my laptop. I really enjoyed using that software and used it for many years. However, now I have switched to Pioneer CDJ 3000s and a Pioneer A9 mixer because CDJs are the industry standard. I love using this gear because it allows me to freely mix and experiment how I want. But to be honest, learning the gear is only part of the craft. Learning how to mix, knowing the structure of songs, and understanding the flow and energy of a dancefloor are required technical aspects as well.


One of the key skills for any DJ is being able to read the room and adapt accordingly, can you share an experience where you had to change your set on the fly to better suit the crowd’s energy?

I do this all the time! I create a basic outline of what I want, but more times than not, I change things around live. While performing at my birthday party in February, I decided to play a lot of tracks earlier in my set rather than later, because the energy they give suited the situation better. I feed off the crowd’s response and I play them the tracks that feel right in the moment. 


Throughout your DJ career, what has been one of your most memorable moments behind the decks and why?

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I have been performing for over 10 years now and have performed at many venues and parties, but my most recent birthday party at a nightclub in New York City that I DJed at was my best show yet. I was able to DJ a set that I felt was 100% me and it felt amazing. My friends were there, and I got to bring them up on stage and in the booth with me at the end. That was a vibe I will never forget! I also DJ’d for John Lennon’s 75th Birthday Party in Central Park and I got to meet Yoko Ono.


What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced while DJing, and how have you overcome them?

I think as a DJ it’s important to understand that you are playing for the crowd, so sometimes what you want to play isn’t exactly what the crowd wants. I always struggled with playing music I didn’t necessarily enjoy but got insane crowd reactions. I’ve come to resolve this by making my own edits and putting my own flavor into it! One of my first memories of having to adapt was when I was 10 and DJing the Diesel Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week. There was a technical problem with the mixer and Traktor Software, and at the last minute I had to play and mix on my laptop. I was so nervous, but I pulled it off and nobody noticed. Things will happen, so know your gear, stay calm, and keep playing the music.


How has your style and approach to DJing evolved over the years? Are there any particular genres or trends that have significantly influenced your current sound?

When I started, I loved playing Big Room and Progressive House tracks because I loved the EDM festivals I saw online. My sound has evolved and changed, and I have been playing a lot of Tech House and House. I have found a love for playing more club-oriented DJ sets and I of course still love the big festival DJ sets. I was lucky to have incredible teachers and mentors that I got to watch as they are masters of their craft. So, I learned the proper techniques early on, and then my own style developed from that foundation.


DJing often involves a lot of collaboration, whether it’s with other DJs, producers, or vocalists. Can you talk about a collaboration that was particularly meaningful or influential for you?

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I meet many up-and-coming artists and musicians in the social media space and I have made a ton of remixes for some of these talented people. I always love bringing my club sound to these songs. I made a remix for my influencer friend Indi Star who is an amazing person and talented singer. Being able to make a Dance track out of her vocals and ideas was such a great experience, hopefully you guys will be able to hear it one day!


What advice would you give to aspiring DJs who are just starting out and looking to make their mark?

I would say practice makes perfect, so make sure you have the basics of DJing down before you go out and play. When you do go out and play, make sure you learn from each set. Ask yourself questions like: what songs got the best reactions? What could I have done better with my transitions? Did I play this song too early or too late? It’s good to analyze! A lot of DJs come in playing what they want, but I think you should be playing for the crowd because you’re there to curate an experience for them. I believe you should play what the crowd wants, while also playing tracks you think they will like even if they don’t know it yet.


What’s next for Alden Song? Are there any upcoming projects, mixes, or performances that you’re particularly excited about?

I have a song out called ‘The Feeling’s Right’, and you guys should definitely go stream it! I’m also currently working on other songs and collaborations, so stay tuned! Right now, I’m going full speed and working on new music, remixes, guest mixes, and DJing in clubs. I’m talking to labels and hopefully one of my singles will be released there!


As we wrap up our interview with Alden Song, we thank him for his time as it’s evident that his commitment to his craft and love for music run deep. From his formative years surrounded by the NYC House music scene to his current status as a skilled DJ and Producer, Alden’s journey reflects years of dedication and passion. Through thoughtful insights into his creative process, technical approach, and memorable experiences on stage, Alden has provided valuable perspectives on the world of DJing, and as he continues to navigate the industry, collaborate with peers, and hone his sound, Alden Song stands poised for continued growth and influence in the Electronic music scene, so be sure to follow him across social media to remain updated on his releases, live shows and new projects.

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