Aminé shares new song/video “Charmander”

Following the success of last year’s album Limbo (and the resurgence of his 2016 hit “Caroline” as a TikTok trend), Aminé has returned with a music video for a brand new song called “Charmander.”

Despite the song’s embrace of the homebody lifestyle, the beat on “Charmander” is fast-paced and clubby, with a hyperactive vibe that’s channeled in the music video. Adam Daniel & Jack Begert give the viewer a tour of Aminé’s Portland home base, with more than a few surreal twists. The best of which, arguably, is an enormous and adorable dog.

“After the release of Limbo,” Aminé said in a press statement, “I took some time to experiment and challenge myself to create in ways I hadn’t before — exploring different textures and tempos without any expectations. ‘Charmander’ was the first product of that period that felt natural while still being at a completely different BPM than any of my previous work.”