Amni Musfirah Has a New Album “Crown”: A Hit for Decades

Exposing her multifaceted skills, fresh outlook, and sure charisma, Amni Musfirah presents fans with a new album titled Crown. After releasing her latest singer, “Vacation,” Amni has upped her game even bigger. With her unique creative talents, “Vacation” made waves. The pop anthem is the go-to summer track you need.

Crown displays the singer’s flawless efforts to manifest her unique lyrics through excellent vocals. The nine-track collection spurs robust vocals and perfect hues, making it yet another hit for the songwriter.

The album features tracks such as “Fade Away” and “My Heart Is Yours,” perfect for a mellow and laid-back vibe. Amni also introduces an upbeat tempo track titled “I Got You,” which will get you up on your feet and dancing.

Amni introduced her latest album through a mini-film. She is hitting new marks with her latest releases and gathering much-deserved streams. With hues of R&B, Amni skillfully transmits emotions into lyrics.