Andrew Bayer Drops ‘Break The Rules’

Andrew Bayer has released ‘Break the Rules‘ with his friend Kaleena Zanders. This is his final single from his forthcoming album, Duality (Part 2).

Bayer’s two-part album project started off as an homage to his album It’s Artificial. The trance music vet shares this is his most raw and honest work. Duality (Part One) highlights his passion for indie pop, whilst Duality Pt 2 explores trance and his progressive sound. Bayer released Duality (Part One) through Anjunabeats on August 12, 2022 – and Part Two is set to release end of this month.  

The song starts off with the synth beats which gets the crowd instantly tapping their feet and builds up to Kaleena’s euphonious voice. ‘Break the Rules’ is a love letter to both of their younger selves. It sends a message that being different is magical. The powerhouse Kaleena brings to life many themes in queer culture such as chosen family that Bayer wanted to touch upon. Bayer shares through an Instagram post about the emotional journey he has with Zanders whilst curating this heart-warming dance track.

“After a long (and emotional at times) hilarious conversation in the studio about our struggles growing up gay, Andrew & I felt the undeniable urge to make something healing & powerful. ‘Break The Rules’ is essentially a comforting letter to our younger self & to anyone else who has felt complete despair & depression from growing up hiding who they are. Breaking the rule is busting the door wide open to self-discovery, existing in a space of personal truth & transforming it all into self-love and love for others.”

Kaleena Zanders

Andrew has been testing ‘Break the Rules’ through the summer, creating waves. It has become a self-love LBTQ+ anthem through his shows at Brooklyn Mirage and The Gorge. Bayer is set to perform at Group Therapy 500 in Los Angeles next weekend along with a Duality pre-party.

Much waited Duality (Part Two) will be out October 28th and you can stream Part One here.

You can listen to ‘Break The Rules’ below.

Andrew Bayer & Kaleena Zanders – Break The Rules