Angel Du$t share “Big Bite,” announce new album

Angel Du$t are a rock band out of Baltimore, Maryland sporting members from Trapped Under Ice and Turnstile (who just released a great new album called Glow On). Next month, they’re return with Yak: A Collection of Truck Songs, their first full-length album since 2019’s Pretty Buff. Its lead single is “Big Bite,” a cheerful and peppy song soaked in alt-rock and underground punk traditions, and it comes with a video featuring the band as a vampire gang.

Of the upcoming album, Angel Du$t’s Justice Tripp said in a press statement that he hoped it would confound expectations. “People get really married to the idea of making a record that sounds like the same band. If one song to the next doesn’t sound like it’s coming from the same band, I’m ok with that.”

Thumbnail photo by Kat Nijmeddin