Angel Parilli: EDMsauce Interview

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Angel Parilli has appeared on the Electronic Music scene with a determination to make his mark; having been building a production catalogue populated by hard-hitting releases and infectious anthems, this talented Producer and DJ is no doubt carving out an exciting path within the genre. As he offers listeners a sound that defies the limitations of genre categorisation, instead moving between substyles to create music that ranges from Progressive, Tech House, and Melodic Techno, among others, Angel Parilli is certainly making his talents and versatility as a creator known.


With such a unique approach towards music production, we’re looking forward to being joined by Angel Parilli today to learn more about his processes and workflow when it comes to his ever-creative artistry.


Hi Angel, it’s great to meet you! How’s it going?


It’s going well. Celebrating my dad’s birthday month, March. Thank you!

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To begin, what sparked your love for experimenting with the various genres of Electronic Music?


Prior to fully investing my time in Electronic Music, I had already been experimenting in bands of all genres, like Punk, Reggae, Latin, and Funk.


I’ve always been drawn by the freedom offered by Electronic Music. You have the ability to fully realize a project without depending on other people. It was liberating. Also, my appreciation for Electronic Music’s ability to evoke unexpected thoughts and emotions has been ingrained in me since childhood. However, because I have so many influences in other types of music, I find it hard to stick to one genre of Electronic Music, there are just so many great sub-genres, how could I commit to just one?!


Which DAW is your favorite?


Logic Pro X. Love it!

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What is your music production process?


Well, you know, it’s funny! I don’t really have a strict one, per se. But here’s how it typically unfolds for me.


As humans, we experience a wide variety of emotions and moods every day. I draw inspiration from these. Let’s say I wake up tomorrow feeling incredibly happy and excited about the day ahead; in that case, I’ll dive into my collection of synths, seeking uplifting background sounds. Rather than diving straight into lead melodies, I prefer to lay down the groundwork with sounds and chords that resonate with the emotions coursing through me at that moment. From there, I’ll focus on crafting the drums and bass line. Interestingly, during the week, my process tends to unfold this way. However, come the weekend, for some inexplicable reason, I find myself flipping the script, starting with the drums and bass. Perhaps it’s because weekends, especially for us musicians, tend to have more of anupbeat vibe—haha, who knows! Regardless of how I initiate the track, one thing remains consistent: I won’t record a lead synth on the first day I started the project. Instead, I prefer to revisit the song days or even a week later. This allows me to gauge whether the emotions the track is making me feel, days later, align with the intended emotional journey of the song when I first set out to create it.


How do you approach your collaborations and how do you ensure that they are effective?

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I believe in creating music with purpose, not simply for the sake of it. When collaborating with someone who is genuinely inspired by the project, the creative process becomes more efficient, yielding faster, and more passionate results. Waiting months for a collaborator to add their touch can dampen the creative spark. Just as in a romantic relationship, delaying a date can diminish the excitement; similarly, in music, allowing momentum to fade can hinder the final product. So, I like to prioritize maintaining momentum and ensuring that the collaborative process remains dynamic and engaging.


How do you enhance your creativity when making music?


Well, you know, music and emotions, they’re all about vibes and frequencies, right? I’m always tuned into that. Usually, I just start messing around with synths, hunting for those perfect sounds, tweaking them, or creating my own. Once I find something that gives me those good vibes, I’m locked in for the day. I won’t budge from my seat until everything’s sorted, except for the lead synth which I’ll leave for later.


But sometimes, I’m just not feeling it, you know? Maybe I’m lacking motivation for whatever reason. That’s when I grab my headphones, head outside to the yard or balcony, wherever there’s space and fresh air and cue up my playlist. It’s a mishmash of all sorts of tunes I love. I immerse myself in each track, imagining I’m part of the band, picturing the crowd, even throwing in a little imaginary fashion critique from my mom, yep, she’s a tough one! It’s like an instant mood boost gets me back in my happy place.


What are the main things you focus on when preparing for a DJ set?

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When prepping for a DJ set, my approach is a blend of musician instincts and crowd vibes. Before diving into DJing, I had always been deep into music, constantly composing and performing live with bands. That experience taught me to gauge the audience’s pulse, when to amp up the energy, when to unleash that guitar solo, or even when to pop that champagne and get the front row involved (cheers to that, LOL).


Being a music lover and dancer myself, I’ve got a keen sense of what gets people moving and what falls flat. So, when crafting my set, I’m all about the kick-off, setting the tone right off the bat to get everyone hyped, whether they know me or not. And let’s be real, there’s nothing like seeing heads turn and people asking, “Who’s this DJ?” mid-set.


One thing I’ve picked up from being a spectator in the crowd is how the vibe can shift every 15 minutes or so. I really like to take people on a journey with my sets, getting people hyped and then giving them some deeper, more emotional moments, only to hype them up again. That’s why I break down my set into these 15-minute chunks, constantly tweaking to keep the energy soaring. I live for those moments when folks are like, “Hold it, gotta hit the restroom before Angel’s on, I’m not missing a second of that!” Ha, love it!


Could you share the main sound elements that werevital in producing your electric track, ‘Bass For Your Face’?

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Sure thing! The story for this one is actually pretty funny. Painful, but funny.

With that track, I laid down the synth first, and I was in my living room, dancing, and grooving, imagining what I would use to fill in the track, when suddenly, I stub my toe on the table leg! Mid-dance, mid-pain, I let out this painful ‘HuH!’ As I’m on the floor, making sure my toe’s not broken, it hits me: that ‘HuH!’ would fit perfectly in the track. So, naturally, I had to record it. Haha. So, the track starts off with the sound of my thankfully not broken toe, followed by the synth at 0:02.


Those two sounds are the heart of the track for me. And as for the title, well, let’s just say ‘Bass in Your Toe’ was not gonna be a sexy title haha, so ‘Bass in Your Face’ it was!


With your background as a Sound Engineer, what techniques and elements should rising producers focus on when looking to create great sound design in their tracks?


Ah, the classic sound engineering conundrum! You know, we music Producers often dive headfirst into a new track without really thinking about the nitty-gritty of sound design. We just throw in all these sounds, hi-hats, echo, you name it, and end up with a mishmash that sounds like… well, Cheetos, if you catch my drift!

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But here’s the thing about sound design, it’s not just about the technical stuff. It’s about finding that balance between excitement and control. You’re all pumped up, imagining yourself rocking out on stage, and before you know it, you’ve cranked up the volume on everything and created a hot mess!


Personally, I like to take a more strategic approach. I’ll EQ each instrument as I add it, tweak those frequencies, maybe adjust the levels here and there, pan the background synth right and left to create space for the leads, etc. It might seem like extra work, but trust me, it pays off. By the time I’m ready to mix the track, it’s like I’ve already done half the job. Plus, my ears aren’t completely fried from hours of tweaking. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. Then with the track fully mixed, I realized what I over-did, what sound is bothering me or what sounds too repetitive. Then, I start my postproduction and quality control to ensure the right emotional triggers are still intact.


What would be one piece of advice you would give to an up-and-coming Producer who wants to dive into Electronic Music production for the first time?


Alright, here’s the scoop for any budding Producer, just stepping into the world of Electronic Music: dive in headfirst, but you need to be disciplined with your art. If you want to be or do something, you have to actually DO it.  It’s also important to embrace the journey ahead and appreciate and learn from others. Expect to stumble and fall as you hunt for your unique sound. It’s all part of the process. Just like you won’t find your lifelong partner in your first few dates, don’t sweat it if things don’t click immediately. Stay true to yourself, prioritize spreading joy through your music, and remember, this is also a business. Take the time to understand it, hone your skills, and own it like a boss.


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No doubt equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and creative talent to continue climbing the list of Producers and DJs on the Electronic Music scene today, we’re looking forward to hearing what Angel Parilli offers next. Sure to be high in quality, continuing to present productions that not only take his own artistry to new ground but raise the bar for others creating within Electronic Music, Angel Parilli is one to keep watching. So, be sure to follow him across social media to stay up-to-date with his next releases and live shows.  



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