Anna McClellan breaks free on “Feel You”

2020 has been the year that many of us finally bit the bullet and moved out of the city. Be it for financial, health, or lifestyle reasons suddenly being in a built up area full of people and little fresh air with none of the old attractions or distractions didn’t have the pull it once did. Indie-folk musician Anna McClellan made a similar move, from NYC back home to Omaha, prior to the world changing forever, but was still able to channel many of the same issues that play on all of our minds into her new album, I saw first light (due November 20 via Father/Daughter), while also offering up her most personal work to date.

“Feel You” is typical of McClellan’s third album with its laid-back acoustics and lyrics that make you sit bolt upright. She sings of escape and freaky goings on while craving tactility, be it intertwined fingers, sweaty rooms where “there is no fan, only intuition,” or the fall of empire. Anything to stop the brain spinning and get the heart racing.

Speaking to The FADER via email, McClellan said: “‘Feel You’’s original working title was ‘The Opposite of Intellectualizing.’ I’ve been working for the last years to exist less in my head and more in my body. This song is an ode to that work and all the results it manifests.”

Thumbnail image courtesy of Jccwa Faya.