Apple Introduces CarKey To Unlock Your Car With Your iPhone

Apple is slowly releasing its arsenal of new tricks, trades, and gadgets this year. Next up after the iPhones is CarKey–an app able to unlock and start your vehicle. Well, looks like smart technology is creeping up.

The app features NFC technology and will be available come iOS 13 and 14. Here is the real kicker though: owners of the BMW 5 Series will be the first vehicles to support this. So, mark your calendars for July. Pair this with your iPhone or Apple Watch; you can share keys digitally with family and friends.

Here Is How It Works
  • The system operates via Apple Wallet
  • Tap your phone against the door handle or outside the NFC reader to unlock your vehicle
  • Place your phone on a Qi wireless charger
  • Press the ignition button
  • Off you go!

Did anyone get a chance to check out the beta version that released back in February? The rumored app is now coming to fruition next month. NFC-unlocking technology is not new. We know we can start our cars, lower our windows and crank the AC on high with the touch of a button. So, what do we think of this latest app?

Perhaps we will see CarKey compatibility with Audi, General Motors, Hyundai, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Volkswagen in the future. This is the beginning of digital-key technology. In fact, Apple teased an Ultra Wideband system where users can unlock their vehicles without taking out their phones! Tune in next year for that feature.

If you don’t have a Tesla, this could be your next level upgrade. It would be great to see this type of technology implemented for access control to buildings. Offices, factories, and anything in between could work this into their safety measures, while providing ease of access.

What do you think of this new Apple feature?