Apple Watch Now Supports Full Spotify Streaming Without an iPhone

Over the years, the Apple Watch has improved immensely with its countless features. It’s amazing how such a small device on your wrist can both give you an accurate ECG and monitor your exercise goals. However, there’s been one drawback over the years that has been annoying for those who enjoy streaming music.

Spotify users have been left without full music streaming control on their Apple Watches. The Apple Watch has pretty much been a glorified remote control for Spotify users. Sure, you could control which song was playing and adjust the volume but you needed to have your phone nearby. Now, users are slowly beginning to see an option to stream from their Apple Watches.

Back in September of 2019, it was reported that Spotify was testing the extended support with select users. Recently, people who were not part of last year’s beta program have been given access to the new feature. Screenshots on Twitter show users who have been able to stream Spotify with their Apple Watch using WiFi or a cellular network. This is great for exercising as users will not have to carry a phone around in order to stream music through their headphones.

This is great for Spotify users who have patiently waited for a full streaming experience. To access your music without a phone, you can use Siri to pick a song. In addition, there is a recently played section that will populate over time. Unfortunately, there is not a ‘search’ function but it could likely be added in a update.

In order to take advantage of this major update, check that your Apple Watch has at least watchOS 6.0 downloaded!