Apple’s 14 Plus’ Sales Are Lower Than Expected

Apple’s new iPhone 14 Plus is not living up to its expected sales a week after its initial launch. The new iPhone 14 Plus is the enlarged version of the regular iPhone 14. Very similar to the Plus editions of many of the prior iPhone releases. Apple is responding to the lack of sales by limiting or cutting orders for the 14 Plus and the parts used to build it.

14 Plus’s competition with the 14 Pro and Pro Max

Is this the end of the iPhone generation? the 14 Pro and Pro Max have the limelight in this new release of iPhones. It is most likely because of its new features which include the new “dynamic Island”, a 48 megapixel main camera, a new mobile chip , the A16 Bionic, and many more not featured on the regular iPhone 14 and the Plus. One new feature both models include is the Apple’s Emergency SOS feature. It seems that is not enough for customers to save the extra dollar.

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The future if 14 Plus sales continue to not reach expectations

Between pre-orders and post-release sales the 14 and 14 Plus are not close to the expected sales. Ross Young, a display analyst, says iPhone 14 sales are down 38 percent compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 13 this time last year. Also, both iPhones are losing their value twice as fast as the iPhone 13 releases. If this continues, Apple will cut all plans to increase the production of the iPhone 14 and 14 plus. This will significantly cut down the amount of iPhones Apple predicted to produce in 2022.

Even if the regular 14 iPhones are a flop, the 14 Pro and Pro Max are receiving all the love that is expected. Carry all the new features and new style, customers are loving it. As a result, both models are seeing high demands. All efforts that were going to be pushed towards the 14 and 14 Plus will be redirected to their more advanced cousins, the 14 Pro and Pro Max.