ATTLAS Cements Status As One Of The Best Artists Of Our Generation On ‘Into Arms of Lovers’ (feat. MAYLYN)

ATTLAS makes a grand return with what is within his most emotive and hypnotizing releases, titled ‘Into Arms of Lovers‘ featuring the incredible talents of MAYLYN. Previously, both artists conjoined their talents within ‘Hotel‘, a track off of ATTLAS’ album, Lavender God. In all truth individually, ATTLAS stands out as one of the single most valuable/artistic talents of our time.

Nonetheless, we’ve been familiar with the track since ATTLAS first played it a while back, providing a necessary beauty. A cinematic and apt sense of earnest expression is rather rare within our time, but ATTLAS happens to find a way to sonically present an important vulnerable aspect within the individual self in a representative manner. He has proved that time and time again with each release, distinctly through the Storyline series, that meets no match.

“’Into Arms of Lovers’ has been a project that was an effort of passion and patience from its beginning. An honest final product that we’ve been writing from the first sessions to share with everyone.”


‘Into The Arms of Lovers’ featuring MAYLYN is more than clearly born out of unadulterated passion, forming a story. Firstly, the piano and vocals softly guide us toward the warm and tepid synths alongside kicks that take us upward. From there, we’re stunningly guided toward movement and percussion so entrancing it takes us out of the current world, and that acts as a compliment in terms of providing a new space for music to exist. Overall, ATTLAS has provided us with soundscapes and conceps that’ll likely never be replicated besides their existence through him.

Listen to ATTLAS portray a beautifully vulnerable yet earnest experience through ‘Into Arms of Lovers’ featuring MAYLYN below.