ATTLAS Released His Second Album This Year, Out Here With You

Jeff ‘ATTLAS’ Hartford returns to us with his second album this year, Out Here With You, which released via the mau5trap imprint.

The album follows which released earlier in the year. Within his bodies of work, Jeff weaves intricate concepts and stories that completely immerse us. Similar to its predecessor, Out Here With You has 10 tracks, but there are no features on this one. What you get to hear throughout feels as unfettered and personal as the cover art.

Standing out as one of the most unique talents, ATTLAS crafted what is purely a body of artistic intention. The curation throughout fulfills a journey emanating a keen sense of warmth and passion. Given the current circumstances, Out Here With You is a breath of fresh air that provides a comfort opposing this period of time. Throughout, tepid and delicate tones leave a lasting imprint, becoming the perfect sound of heart-warming companionship or introspection.

“‘Out Here With You’ is a chance to catch my breath amidst this all. Calmer and more hopeful; it is the result of the small areas of positivity we can still control this year, like fresh air and adventures with my best friend. This album is as much for and about her and us as it is all of us. If there’s a helplessness you feel, I’m out here with you and likewise these hopeful melodies are a reflection of simple rays of light that shine through the smallest of cracks during this dark time.”


ATTLAS – Out Here With You

The album marks another cinematic entry with lush and meticulous soundscapes that have long defined the artist’s distinct production style. Kicking off, ‘Morning Fields‘ sets the ambiance with narrative movie samples with gliding celestial synthesizers lining it. In addition, it presents itself in a manner akin to the Storyline series, but instead being a full-bodied album. Following, ‘Polar Concept‘ mesmerizes with the ardent bright life it presents in an immediate impact. It clearly takes notes from trance, progressive, house, and ambient. The diversity in the sonic landscape instantaneously creates a vibrant connection, driving home hopeful tones.

Separately, ‘Uour‘ finds a thumping rhythm driven by the crunched up bass tones while contrasting synths float about. Beyond, ‘Seabreeze‘ brings back sweltering and playful notes atop the delicate piano playing. ATTLAS then delivers more movement through progressively introducing kicks and new acute synths. ‘Thunderstorms from the Balcony‘ then unwinds us through its ambient and secluded, yet open and airy atmosphere.

Reaching the second half of Out Here With You, ‘When We Were The Same‘ evokes a powerful nostalgia. It’s not only present in the ambiance, as the production hearkens back to the past with a gentle new touch that leaves an individualistic imprint. So to speak, the nostalgic elements are ran through the artist’s creative filters in a manner that alludes to them while maintaining an identity true to himself. Succeeding, ‘In a Cloud‘ reels in the pieces of cinematic conversation with the silky and spacious music. Topping off, the guitar playing in the track adds a delectable touch.

On the other hand, ATTLAS puts his piano playing at the heart of ‘Ponds‘, and surrounds it with an eloquent soundscape. ‘Mgt‘ makes things simmer down a notch, but retains strings and tactful melodic synth notes. Finally, ‘Out There With You‘ closes out the album with a gorgeous 10-minute track. Overall, it has a bit of everything from the whole album’s experience while bringing a tepid, hopeful, and introspective conclusion to hammer in the essence behind what inspired its creation in the first place.

Final Remarks

After hearing the album, there is no one particular track that stands above the rest. Each point builds on the other, and the body interacts with itself in a solid and cohesive manner. It’s practically criminal as to how understated the artist’s talent is. One release after another, he continues to set a golden standard with his approach.

Following the album’s release, the artist will be uploading the tracks alongside visual art from Cyclo. Take a moment of comfort through what ATTLAS crafted on his second album this year via mau5trap, Out Here With You.