Baby Audio Unveil Atoms A Next-Gen Physical Modeling Synth

Atoms was on display prerelease at NAMM last month and is now available for purchase.

Baby Audio continues its busy release schedule. In the past twelve months, they have released the BA-1, Transit, and now introduce Atoms, the next-gen physical modeling synth.

Physical modeling in synthesizers is a method of sound synthesis that aims to replicate the physical properties of acoustic instruments or other sound-producing entities. Rather than using traditional subtractive synthesis techniques (like oscillators, filters, and envelopes), physical modeling synthesizers simulate the behaviors of real-world instruments through mathematical equations and algorithms. The Osmose, which we covered just last week, is a good example. With the increasing power of AI, there is a general view that physical modeling will become even more popular with instrument manufacturers.

The team behind Atoms says it’s using “cutting-edge physical modeling to generate an endless variety of organic and otherworldly sounds.” Whereas physical modeling simulates the behavior of real-life instruments, Atoms go beyond what’s possible in the natural world. Its features are designed for creativity, to explore deep sound design, mangle, shape, and create beyond what a traditional instrument can do.

Atoms’ six main parameters, Chaos, Force, Drive, Order, Overtones, and Filter, can each be automated. Each main macro also features MOTION to add shifting and modulating sounds like a “natural organism”. As you might expect from Baby Audio, Atoms has a powerful randomization engine that selectively adjusts each parameter based on its relationship to the others, creating usable patches with every roll of the dice. And it comes with 250 presets.

Atoms is a collaboration between Baby Audio and Silvin Willemsen, a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Silvin holds a PhD in Real-Time Simulation of Musical Instruments from Aalborg University and has authored and co-authored 25 academic papers on the subject of physical modeling. Watch the video for a deep dive on Atoms.

Atoms is compatible with all major DAWs for Mac and PC and fully M1/M2 native. iOS version underway.

Atoms is out now with a $59 intro sale ending March 30th.

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Author Eric Brünjes
7th February, 2024