Bandaii Unveils Global Vocalist Competition for “Carouselle” Single

In a groundbreaking move that merges creativity with opportunity, music producer and artist Bandaii has announced an exciting worldwide vocalist competition linked to her latest single, “Carouselle.” As Bandaii’s inaugural release for 2024, “Carouselle” represents a significant milestone, marking the second year of the Bandaii project with a sound that encapsulates a trippy circus festival set within a mystical fantasy world. The song is giving us the feel of a new genre we would call “electro-vaudeville” – like a cousin to electro swing.

Drawing inspiration from an unconventional creative process, Bandaii shares, “I blasted vintage circus visuals around my room, also turned on a variety of dark red strobe lights, then opened up Ableton and let it flow out!” This immersive approach has culminated in a track that is not only audibly enthralling but visually evocative, setting the perfect stage for the accompanying vocalist competition.

**Competition Rules and Prizes**

1. Submission Phase: Vocalists are encouraged to submit a voice memo showcasing their idea for the track.

2. Approval and Recording: If the initial submission catches Bandaii’s attention, the vocalist will be asked to record a full version of their part.

3. Release and Promotion: The winning entry will be incorporated into the official “Carouselle” remix and supported by a dedicated marketing push to ensure it reaches a wide audience.

4. Additional Reward: Besides featuring on the remix, the winning vocalist will receive a comprehensive marketing package designed to promote their next independent release, providing an invaluable boost to their music career.

After this amazing contest, there will be an additional contest where producers get a crack at the official Carouselle remix EP – launching shortly after. Don’t miss the chance to become a part of the official “Carouselle” remix and to win a marketing package that could set your independent music career on the path to success. Check out the “Carouselle” single today, and if you know a vocalist friend who dreams of such an opportunity, be sure to spread the word.

Bandaii IG: @bandaiimusic
Bandaii Email: [email protected]

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