Barclay Crenshaw Unleashes a Powerful Album, ‘Open Channel’

The world-class bass maestro Barclay Crenshaw, who also goes by his house music persona, “Claude VonStroke”, has dropped another gnarly album, Open Channel. The release of this must-hear album is in conjunction with his ‘Open Channel’ North American tour that will start tonight at Webster Hall in New York City. Open Channel from Barclay Crenshaw is a definite top banger of an album that also contains collaborations with Flowdan, Stush, TeeZandos, Snowy, and Manga Saint Hilaire.

Barclay Crenshaw released Open Channel via Easier Said and the album provides a journey containing color soundscapes and wickedly rhythmic beats that have made the producer a multi-dimensional artist in regard to exceptional music production. Check out the album below by clicking ‘Play’ on the Spotify link. The album can make the listeners feel like they’re enjoying the sounds at a beachside event in Southern California or grooving to the flows at a massive function on the streets of London.

The musical influences on Barclay Crenshaw’s Open Channel

For Barclay Crenshaw, a.k.a. Claude VonStroke, the creative process that lead up to the creation of the fire album that is Open Channel has also allowed the artist to further enhance his personal well-being too. The inspirations on the album also come from the personal life of the Dirtybird Records label head as well, in particular his childhood. The album draws in childhood experiences of playing with his father’s police scanner and reading Jules Verne’s Around The World In 80 Days.

With these vivid memories and past experiences, the musical aspects that compose most of the album’s influences. This album is a perfect representation of having the diverse genres of dub, funk, lo-fi, and experimental bass that will inspire many listeners to reminisce on their own fond memories while making new ones as they jump to the flows of the album. Whether if it dropping innovative tracks in house and techno or unleashing superb releases in drum-and-bass, people can definitely can rely on Barclay Crenshaw to throw a phenomenal event with his spectacular array of musical styles. Last but not least, check out the upcoming tour dates by clicking on this link.