Besomorph Teams Up With Lucifer To Bring Us Slap House Bop In ‘Holy Water’, featuring Mary Jensen

is back at it, and this time, he’s bringing Lucifer & Mary Jensen along for the ride. The last time we wrote about Beso, it was for his cover  & OneRepublic‘s ‘‘. Today, we bring you news of a new Besomorph tune, albeit in a different fashion. Where before we brought you a cover, today, we bring you an original, and a collaboration at that. If you’re into Brazilian bass, or slap house, you’re going to want to check out his newest tune, ‘Holy Water’.

Holy Water

Besomorph & Lucifer’s ‘Holy Water’ featuring Mary Jensen has all the hallmarks of an instant classic. A catchy bass-line, good lyrics, and perfect arrangement. Embracing a fine-tuned Brazilian Bass / Slap House sound, Besomorph and Lucifer are able to draw in the listener and really keep them hooked for the duration of the song. If you’re house head, i’m sure this a tune that you’ll be adding to your library, if not, i’m sure you can appreciate its magnificence none-the-less.

With a runtime of two minutes & sixteen seconds, Besomorph & Lucifer’s ‘Holy Water’ featuring Mary Jensen is a quick one. Having said that, it is extremely catchy, so if you find yourself playing it on repeat, we won’t hold it against you. If you’re a fan of Besomorph, good music, or just like slap house, then this a tune for you. Besomorph & Lucifer’s ‘Holy Water’ featuring Mary Jensen is out now via self release, and can be streamed below, enjoy!