Blacklist pres. Marauda, Riot Ten, LLee Mvtthews and more.

Leading up to the Blacklist Festival 2024 in October the organizers are once again at it again with their pre-party in the legendary club Bootshaus. Over these past years Blacklist has become a name that is synonymous with Dubstep & Drum’n’Bass. Their parties at the Bootshaus (Germany) attract many fans (or soldiers as they call themselves) from across Europe to unleash a rampage each and every time these soldiers arrive. With several parties each year at the Bootshaus, one can be sure that the big Blacklist Festival 2024 will be a heaven for the attending crowd.

With a fully stacked lineup consisting of various bass masters, the 2 stages have something that everyone will enjoy. So if you are in the mood to do some rail or neck breaking this Saturday, you can grab you tickets right here.