Boston’s Most Talented Female Hip-Hop Artist Cakeswagg Drops A Bomb Track With Visuals – “Big Plays”

Boston-native Hip Hop artist and songwriter Cakeswagg drops a bomb track with visuals titled “Big Plays.” One of the most talented female Hip-Hop artists from Boston, she truly seems unstoppable in her rise and takeover of the genre, both locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Her driven mindset and extraordinary charisma have led her to concoct this unbelievable new music video for her track “Big Plays,” shot by Clips Films. A treat for the fans as she takes us all back to the fantastic 1920 Jazz era with a glorious lyrical touch. She does it all with style, being her most authentic self with no facades whatsoever. 

It’s no surprise that she’s been multiple times nominated and granted music awards, getting her audience hyped up and looking forward to her next big hit!