Brian Ligon’s ‘Nowhere But Here II’ Reaches Thousands Of Listeners

An artist with extensive experience in music production and a poet at heart, Brian Ligon proves his talent once again with an unforgettable album titled Nowhere But Here II. The collection includes thirteen instrumental tracks in a jazz arrangement, and represents some of Ligon’s best work to date. Demonstrating incredible tenacity, dedication, and style, the album carries the signature characteristics of jazz – the fun, the playfulness, the boundless energy with a sprinkle of experimentation. Like a breath of fresh air, Brian Ligon’s music feels oddly familiar yet new, and listening to Nowhere But Here II is a must. Check out the album down below!

Brian Ligon is a talented Jazz musician, practicing dentist, and a former basketball player. He first started learning the piano when he was five. After years of playing and performing at recitals, the multi-instrumentalist decided to take on a new instrument, discovering the alto saxophone. Later on, he began to write music for schoolmates and local aspiring artists, when his parents gifted him his first Yamaha keyboard. Influenced by legendary artists like Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, and Earth, Wind & Fire, Brian Ligon released his debut album Nowhere But Here in 2016. Stay tuned for more awesome music!