BriGuel Release Their Latest Single And A New Music Video Titled “Mind Takes Hold”

New York City-based duo BriGuel released a new single and music video, “Mind Takes Hold.” 

Those who are familiar with the phenomenon of being stuck in a place of anxiety, doubt, and feeling helpless will find this song relatable. 

After releasing their single and music video “Different View” which was widely accepted by the public, a song off their new EP 2020 Vision, created in collaboration with the founder of the Holistic Life Foundation Andres Gonzales, it is undeniable that BriGuel have always been aimed at showing their concern, support, and high spirited nature to make the world a better place.

Setting aside the moral concerns of BriGuel we are also very excited to notice a strong resemblance in their skillful delivery to music style similar to Mattafix and Black Eyed Peas, inspiring hope that we will still have a chance to listen to some high-quality music.