Bringing Mental Health to the Beat: Recording Artist Jovian’s Story

The idea of music as a cure is nothing new. From ancient times to the present day, music has been proven to have therapeutic effects on people with all sorts of disorders. Whether you’re brokenhearted and anxious or feeling on top of the world, music can help you through it all. This universal language brings people together, creates memories, and heals.

Jovian, a recording artist from Brooklyn, New York, is a mental health advocate who knows that better than anyone. Much of his music is about mental health and getting through to the other side. Jovian has been there, so he knows what you’re going through. But most importantly, he’s proof that it gets better if you don’t give up on yourself. While admitting it won’t be an overnight fix, Jovian believes the right mindset and support system can help you regain control and start fresh.

From a young age, Jovian knew he wanted to create an impact in the entertainment world. He spent 11 years in acting school pursuing that dream, but there were some speed bumps he hadn’t bargained for as a kid. Jovian started battling challenges like anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia, and he had to deliberately choose to seek healing. Thankfully, music always provided the outlet he needed to release his emotions and decide where he wants to go next.

Jovian’s music has sensations of not only just hope but definitive healing and progress. Having been on both sides of the equation, he reiterates that you are not the depression you feel. However, you are how you respond to that depression.

“I am living proof that not only do things get better when you actively work to make them better, but I am how it looks when you get to the other side,” he shares. Jovian also has a remarkable ability to experience music in multiple ways, thanks to a condition known as synesthesia. This helps him not only experience color with his eyes but also with all five senses. Jovian can see color through sound, which explains why he’s so good at writing and performing awesome music.

The artist recently announced signing a management deal with the team that used to manage G-unit records and Joyner Lucas. The man behind that success also found Bobby Shmurda and 2 Chainz and is the only reason Travis Scott’s “Owl Pharaoh” came out. Jovian joins a long list of successful artists endorsed by this maverick, and he’s just getting started. The artist is dominating music streaming platforms and YouTube as well, where he has already garnered millions of views and streams on his videos.

Apart from music, Jovian loves astronomy and fashion, which he often incorporates into his art. A proactive and determined individual, he believes he will be one of the biggest artists within not only Hip-Hop/R&B music but all realms of art in the next few years. He also sees collaborations with the likes of Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, and Kanye, among other visionaries. Ultimately, Jovian wants to create music that makes the listener a better person after engaging with his work and to inspire anyone experiencing a mental health challenge.