Burning Man Axes Pro-Palestine Sculpture

Burning Man, known for its eclectic and diverse art installations, has recently decided to remove a large-scale pro-Palestine sculpture from its upcoming summer event lineup. The sculpture, an 8-foot-by-14-foot fiberglass watermelon titled “From the River to the Sea,” became controversial after over a thousand individuals signed a petition for its removal.

The petition highlighted concerns that the artwork’s title is perceived as a contentious slogan that could be interpreted as endorsing violence and opposing the existence of the Jewish state.  It is now unlikely to be featured at the annual gathering in Black Rock City.

A representative for Burning Man, which is scheduled to commence on August 25, has indicated that a controversial sculpture is “unlikely” to be featured at the event. The festival’s spokesperson shared with the San Francisco Gate that the submission of the sculpture’s listing appears to have been designed to provoke a reaction from the community, rather than to confirm the presence of an actual art installation at Black Rock City in August. The statement suggests that the listing may not have been a genuine art submission but rather an attempt to elicit an emotional response from festival-goers.

Last year, the festival experienced major issues with mud and rain during the exodus from Black Rock City.

Let’s hope this year the desert festival stays dry.