Camelphat and Anyma Collaboration ‘The Sign’ Coming Out Soon

A collaboration between Camelphat and Anyma is on the way. The song, titled ‘The Sign‘, will see the light of day on October 28th. Both artists have played this track constantly in their respective sets, and they even had the chance to play it together at We Are FSTVL 2022 back at the beginning of August. ‘The Sign’ will appear on Tale of Us‘ label Afterlife Recordings.

‘The Sign’ represents the perfect blend of extremely talented and highly acclaimed producers. CamelPhat, the duo behind the quarter billion streamed single ‘Cola‘, continues to thrive with a collaboration with one of the biggest names in the industry right now. The dynamic team launched called When Stars Align. The first singles that came out on it were Eldon‘s single ‘Magic Me‘ alongside the label’s boss remix of it.

As for Anyma (Matteo Milleri), 2022 is undoubtedly his biggest year yet. With the increase in Techno and Melodic House’s popularity this past few months, the Italian DJ continues to cement himself, with the other half of the Tale Of Us duo MRAK, as one of the best in the genre. In fact, even CamelPhat praised Milleri in the song’s announcement on Instagram. Here is what the duo had to say :

‘The Sign’ should do very well upon its release, as the crowd’s reactions to the song being played in clubs and festivals are very positive. For now, you can catch both CamelPhat and Anyma play it live in their upcoming shows.

Stay tuned for more news!