Catch Moby Live on First Tour in 10 Years

Renowned electronic musician, producer, and activist Moby breaks his decade-long hiatus from live performances with a thrilling announcement. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of his iconic album Play, Moby will embark on a series of live shows across Europe in September. Featuring beloved hits like “Porcelain” and “Natural Blues,” the tour promises to captivate audiences with a nostalgic journey through Moby‘s illustrious career.

What’s more remarkable is that 100% of the tour profits will be donated to European animal rights organizations, reflecting Moby‘s unwavering commitment to philanthropy. Furthermore, Moby unveils plans for his upcoming album, Always Centered At Night, set to release on June 14 via Mute.

“It’s been over 10 years since I’ve toured, but someone reminded me that 2024 is the 25th anniversary of the release of Play, so it seemed like it might not be the worst idea to do a short European tour to commemorate and celebrate. The show will feature well-known songs from Play, but also a bunch of audience favourites, like “Extreme Ways,” “We Are All Made Of Stars,” “When It’s Cold I’d Like to Die,” and even some old rave bangers like “Feeling So Real” and “Go. What makes the tour most exciting for me is that I won’t be paid anything. 100% of my profits will go to European animal rights organizations.” – Moby

The album, brimming with collaborations, features a diverse array of artists, including the late British poet and activist Benjamin Zephaniah. Each track on the album showcases Moby‘s signature style while highlighting the unique talents of his collaborators.

One of the album’s standout tracks, “dark days,” features the soulful vocals of Lady Blackbird and is accompanied by a captivating music video. Released today, the song showcases a fusion of rhythmic beats and deep, soulful vocals, marking a powerful collaboration between Moby and Lady Blackbird.

Their partnership brings a fresh, enigmatic sound to the music scene, drawing acclaim from critics and fans alike. Reflecting on the collaboration, Moby expresses his admiration for Lady Blackbird‘s talent and the creative synergy they shared in crafting “dark days.”

Lady Blackbird reciprocates the sentiment, praising Moby‘s originality and their shared vision for the track. As excitement builds for Moby‘s return to the stage and the release of Always Centered At Night, music enthusiasts can anticipate a mesmerizing journey through his illustrious career and the innovative sounds of his latest musical endeavors.

If you want to see Moby, seize this opportunity. He visits various places in Europe.

  • 19 september – Londen, Engeland / O2 
  • 21 september – Antwerpen, België / Sportpaleis
  • 22 september – Berlijn, Duitsland / Velodrom
  • 23 september – Düsseldorf, Duitsland / Mitsubishi Electric Hall
  • 24 september – Parijs, Frankrijk / Le Zenith