Chance The Rapper sues former manager for over $3 million

Chance The Rapper sues former manager for over $3 million Chance the Rapper performs onstage during the 69th NBA All-Star Game at United Center on February 16, 2020 in Chicago, Illinois.   Kevin Mazur/Getty

Chance The Rapper is suing his former manager Pat Corcoran, the Chicago Tribune reports. Corcoran, also known as Pat The Manager, previously filed a $3M breach of contract lawsuit against Chance in December 2020.

In the original lawsuit Corcoran claimed Chance did not alert him to his plan to announce the release of 2019 album The Big Day mere months ahead of the release date. He stated that “unproductive and undisciplined” studio sessions led to a “freestyle-driven product of sub-part quality.” The poorly-recieved debut marked a downturn in Chance’s record sales and a subsequent tour promoting the album was postponed then canceled. Corcoran, who was fired as Chance’s manager in April 2020, claimed he was owed $3 million, or 15% of Chance’s net income, based on an oral agreement with the rapper.

On February 20 in Cook County court Chance responded, accusing Corcoran of exploiting his connection to the rapper to create opportunities for his own companies and demanding kickbacks from vendors while negotiating deals on his behalf. He called Corcoran a “marginally competent business manager” at best and, at his worst, a “bullying and abrasive self-promoter.”

Among the accusations laid out in the lawsuit are the suggestion that Corcoran “effectively sabotaged” a deal with music distributor UnitedMasters and also persuaded Live Nation to buy wine from his No Fine Print company while the live music organization promoted a headline tour. “[Chance] had no idea at the time he agreed to work with Live Nation that Mr. Corcoran had used his connection to Mr. Bennett to promote Mr. Corcoran’s separate business interests,” according to the suit.

Corcoran is also accused of mishandling Chance’s merchandise business, which led to more than $1 million being handed out in refunds, and failing to create a marketing plan for The Big Day. In total the rapper is requesting more than $1 million for each of the three counts described in his suit.