Charlotte de Witte’s Apollo EP is Here

House and techno artist, Charlotte de Witte has a EP for us and she is calling it ‘Apollo‘. It is a uncompromising collection of club tracks. It follows Charlotte’s April EP ‘Universal Consciousness’, with force and a new style. If you like to dance, anything from this incredible artist will get you moving. Impressively, Charlotte has held her spot at the top of her genre for many years. There is no doubt this EP will keep her there.

Charlotte’s twitter post about new song ‘Mercury’ on the ‘Apollo’ EP

Inside of the Apollo EP

‘Apollo’ opens with ‘Missing Channel’, a turbo-charged acid techno cut pairing pumping kick drums with squelching 303s. Next up, the title track shifts things into warehouse techno territories, juxtaposing bludgeoning kicks with haunting, ethereal vocals, while ‘Mercury’ cultivates a striking interstellar energy. Closing things out, ‘PPC’ is by far the record’s most experimental track, a shimmering, beatless creation laced with samples of space transmissions. This is what Charlotte said about here Apollo inspiration:

“The vastness and solitude of space always interested me. A compelling contrast between monumental power and the vacuum in between. This diversion can also be found in techno music, a pure simplicity divergent in power.”

Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte’s tour plans

Charlotte’s perpetually stacked touring schedule includes performances at Amsterdam Dance Event, Creamfields Chile and Beyond The Valley Australia in the coming weeks and months. At ADE, she will spearhead a KNTXT label takeover of the city’s Ziggo Dome, and the label will also collaborate with clothing brand Filling Pieces during the week-long event. Then, she will soon head to South America for KNTXT showcases in Buenos Aires and São Paulo. After the ‘Apollo’ EP, Charlotte will have a tool belt of bangers for her tour.