cool girl island Drops A Music Video For “do not disturb” (airplane mode)

Acclaimed singer-songwriter cool girl island shared a music video for her latest track “do not disturb” (airplane mode). ““Do not disturb” is a reminder that we’re all good on our own. Like yes, it’s nice to have company, but if it comes at the expense of our sanity, let it go. I want more people to take themselves out on a date. It acts as a reminder that if you could treat yourself better than that potential partner, maybe you don’t need them after all. I am always an advocate of self-reliance,” the artist said in an interview.

cool girl island’s most popular single to date is “inside(out),” which is also the first original song she ever recorded. Growing-up, she was nourished by the music of the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Nina Simone, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, and Miles Davis. Recently, she has fallen in love with Tems’ dreamy and distinctive sound, and she also admires Ama Lou’s engaging performances.

Stay tuned for more awesome tracks!