Darkoo dates herself in her “Pick Up” video

Darkoo is not the kind of artist to conform with the rules. Her 2019 breakout hit “Gangsta” showcased both her feminine and masculine qualities, positioning her as an artist whose fluid approach to afrobeats put her in her own lane. Today she returns with new song “Pick Up” and a video which only further plays with expectations.

The London-based artist plays both sides of a couple in the video, premiering above, as she reflects on a relationship going cold in real time. Pairing a tracksuit and heavy gold chain for one look, Darkoo also dons a long blonde wig while opening up about being ghosted by a partner, showing once again her talent for an earworm melody.

Speaking to The FADER about her idea for the video, Darkoo said: “I decided to play myself and my love interest to show both sides of my personality, we all know how I like to switch it up. This video is quite personal to me because the track showcases a more vulnerable side of me, I explore my feelings and express how it feels when you ghost me and don’t pick up my calls.”

Darkoo’s debut EP will be released via Atlantic later this year.

Thumbnail image via: Sara Gurewan.